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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is cher. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Friday, December 03, 199314 across Oscar winner for "Moonstruck"
NY Times, Monday, December 20, 199310 across "Dark Lady" singer, 1974
Whose What?140 across "Mask" star
NY Times, Thursday, May 05, 199417 across "Dark Lady" singer
Reordering Books (Sept 18, 1994)29 downOne-name star
NY Times, Saturday, November 19, 19944 down"If I Could Turn Back Time" singer
NY Times, Mon, Jan 30, 199543 across "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves" singer
World War True!3 downOscar winner as Loretta Castorini
New York Times Sat, Dec 30, 199520 across "Take Me Home" singer
Wood Play51 across 1987 Best Actress
NY Times, Sat, Jul 13, 199644 across "Dark Lady" singer
NY Times, Mon, Dec 16, 199644 across The former Mrs. Bono
Presidential Punditry120 across "Clueless" lead role
NY Times, Mon, Jan 27, 199744 downSonny's ex
NY Times, Tue, Feb 25, 199710 across "Half-Breed" singer
NY Times, Mon, May 05, 19971 across The ex-Mrs. Bono
"Technophobe's Delight"52 down"Mermaids" actress
"X Marks the Spot"61 downWord in a billet-doux
NY Times, Wed, Mar 25, 199824 down"Moonstruck" star
NY Times, Mon, Apr 20, 199835 downOne-named singer/actress
"Vee Formation"42 across Best Actress of 1987
NY Times, Wed, Mar 03, 19991 down"If I Could Turn Back Time" singer
NY Times, Mon, Nov 12, 200135 across "Moonstruck" actress
IDIOM'S RESTAURANT73 down1987 Best Actress
NY Times, Tue, Mar 19, 200236 down"Believe" singer
LAST ONE IN85 down"Mask" star
EUROPEAN JOURNAL88 down"Moonstruck" actress
NY Times, Mon, May 05, 200325 across One-named singer and Oscar winner
NY Times, Mon, Sep 22, 20035 across Sonny's partner, once
NY Times, Thu, Dec 18, 200320 across Singer with the 1999 #1 hit "Believe"
NY Times, Wed, Jun 16, 200466 across Dear, in a billet-doux
PACK OF 2047 across 1987 self-titled million-selling album
FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL RECORD BOOKS49 across One-named singer/actress
NY Times, Fri, Apr 15, 200523 downSinger with top 10 hits in the 1960's, 70's, 80's and 90's
NY Times, Fri, Jun 03, 200556 down"A Song for the Lonely" singer
HITTING THE SAUCE79 down"Bang Bang" singer, 1966
NY Times, Sat, Jul 09, 200550 down"Suspect" star, 1987
NY Times, Fri, Apr 07, 200622 across Co-star of "The Witches of Eastwick"
NY Times, Sat, Dec 30, 20066 down1970's variety show co-host
NY Times, Wed, Sep 05, 200774 across "Bang Bang" singer, 1966
NY Times, Tue, Dec 11, 200723 down"Moonstruck" actress
NY Times, Wed, Feb 06, 200854 down"Mask" star, 1985
AFTER WORD28 downGregg Allman's wife who filed for divorce after nine days
IS THERE AN ECHO IN HERE?89 downWhat's expensive in Paris?
NY Times, Wed, Sep 01, 201025 downSinger with a Best Actress Oscar
NY Times, Wed, Dec 22, 201018 across "Believe" singer, 1999
NY Times, Wed, Jan 26, 201112 downMother of Chaz Bono

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