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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is ewe. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Friday, December 03, 199320 across Woolgatherer?
Isn't It Romantic? (Jan 16, 1994)54 across Bellwether's belle?
NY Times, Tuesday, February 08, 19947 downBaa maid?
NY Times, Tuesday, March 01, 199434 downPronoun in a cote?
Addlepated Ads89 across Yearling's mom
Mystery Theme117 downShropshire she
NY Times, Saturday, April 30, 199456 downFarm femme
NY Times, Wednesday, May 11, 199426 downLamb producer
Promotions7 downYeanling's mother
NY Times, Thursday, October 27, 199433 across Barnyard belle
Celebrity Types54 across Kind of neck
NY Times, Mon, May 22, 19954 downLamb's mother
NY Times, Thu, Jun 1, 199558 downRam's mate
New York Times Sat, June 24, 199543 across "Concentration" pronoun
New York Times Sat, Nov 11, 199520 across Female ovine
NY Times, Tue, Jan 23, 199611 downMeadow mom
NY Times, Tue, Feb 27, 199642 across Part of a shepherd's flock
NY Times, Thu, Apr 04, 199618 downFlock member
Manana52 across One in a wool coat
NY Times, Sat, Jul 13, 199663 across Flock member
NY Times, Tue, Dec 31, 199664 downFemale with a wool coat
NY Times, Fri, Jan 10, 199743 downFarm animal
NY Times, Thu, Feb 13, 199731 across Member of the flock
NY Times, Mon, Mar 03, 199736 downFemale sheep
NY Times, Tue, Mar 18, 199757 downFarm mother
NY Times, Fri, Mar 28, 199745 across Certain suckler
NY Times, Wed, Jun 04, 19979 downOne welcomed to the fold?
NY Times, Fri, Aug 01, 199753 downKind of neck
NY Times, Fri, Sep 26, 199735 across Milk source
"First the Sheep, Then...?"52 across Dolly, for one
"Blankets"62 across She's put out to pasture
NY Times, Thu, Jan 01, 199822 downPart of a flock
NY Times, Tue, Jan 27, 199821 across Lamb's kin
NY Times, Sat, Feb 21, 199839 across Palindromic animal
NY Times, Wed, Mar 04, 199857 across She-sheep
NY Times, Fri, Jul 24, 199845 across Milk source
NY Times, Mon, Jul 27, 199845 across Lamb's mother
NY Times, Fri, Oct 30, 19986 downRomano source
"Shock Therapy"117 downMerino mother
NY Times, Wed, Nov 18, 199861 downWool gatherer
NY Times, Fri, Nov 27, 199860 across ___-neck (horse defect)
NY Times, Sat, Dec 12, 19984 downOne in a fold
NY Times, Mon, Dec 28, 199835 across A shepherd shepherds it
NY Times, Thu, Jul 15, 199951 across Dartmoor mother
NY Times, Mon, Jul 26, 199913 downThe clone Dolly, e.g.
STARTING OVER?37 down___ lamb
NY Times, Fri, Oct 01, 199955 downFarm deliverer
NY Times, Sat, Oct 02, 199933 downOne in a flock
NY Times, Wed, Mar 01, 200042 across Wool source
NY Times, Wed, Apr 12, 20007 down"You," in a rebus puzzle
NY Times, Thu, Apr 20, 200031 across Mother with a coat on
NY Times, Wed, Apr 26, 200057 downFarm mother
NY Times, Tue, Jun 27, 200010 downRam's ma'am
NY Times, Wed, Jul 12, 20006 downFarm mother
NY Times, Wed, Aug 16, 20008 downFarm female
OUTTAKES109 downWool coat wearer
NY Times, Mon, Sep 04, 200041 across Sheep-ish one
NY Times, Mon, Oct 23, 200027 across Meadow mother
POST-HOLIDAY BLUES61 across Wool coat wearer
NY Times, Wed, May 09, 200146 across Farm female
NY Times, Tue, Aug 07, 200141 downMerino mother
BOOK BINDING105 across Farm female
NY Times, Thu, Oct 04, 200119 across Yeanling producer
NY Times, Fri, Nov 16, 200126 downYeanling producer
FROM U TO ME113 downFarm mate
NY Times, Sat, Jan 12, 200254 across ___-neck
NY Times, Fri, Jan 25, 200227 downKind of lamb
NY Times, Mon, Feb 11, 200257 downEmitter of 38-Down
EXTRA TIME12 downFleecing target
NY Times, Mon, Jul 15, 200259 across Dolly the clone, e.g.
NY Times, Tue, Aug 06, 20024 downLamb ma'am
NY Times, Sat, Aug 31, 200253 downOne that's fleeced
NY Times, Thu, Dec 19, 200251 across Milk source for Romano cheese
NY Times, Thu, Jan 16, 200324 across Milk provider
NY Times, Wed, Mar 05, 200343 downWoolly mama
NY Times, Mon, May 12, 200351 downRam's mate
NY Times, Mon, May 19, 200322 across Lamb's mother
NY Times, Mon, Jul 28, 200345 across She sheep
CATCH-ALL39 downMilk supplier
NY Times, Thu, Aug 21, 200345 across Shropshire female
ALTERNATE JOB TITLES16 across Shepherd's charge
NY Times, Thu, Mar 04, 2004 Note: The circled square has two answers.44 across Milk source
NY Times, Tue, Mar 16, 200422 downMeadow mother
NY Times, Tue, Apr 27, 200446 downRam's mate
NY Times, Wed, May 19, 200422 downMilk source
NY Times, Mon, May 24, 200439 across Lamb's mother
NY Times, Wed, May 26, 200436 across Farm female
NY Times, Sat, Jul 17, 200422 across Animal that Poseidon turned Theophane into, in myth
NY Times, Thu, Sep 02, 200419 downLamb's dam
NY Times, Thu, Dec 23, 200420 across Pronoun in a "Concentration" rebus
NY Times, Thu, Jan 27, 200553 downFemale Wiltshire
NY Times, Mon, Mar 28, 200545 down7-Down's mate
NY Times, Thu, Apr 14, 200535 downMeadow mother
THE FRENCH CONNECTION70 downManchego cheese source
NY Times, Mon, Jun 27, 200523 across Ram's mate
NY Times, Mon, Aug 22, 200562 downFemale sheep
NY Times, Tue, Sep 13, 200543 across Ram's ma'am
NY Times, Mon, Oct 31, 200533 across Female in a flock
NY Times, Wed, Nov 23, 200550 across "Concentration" pronoun
NY Times, Mon, Feb 20, 200635 across Female with a wool coat
WRITING LESSON46 downMember of the flock
NY Times, Sat, Apr 01, 200642 downMilk source
LIGHT THINKING83 downCollie's charge
OVERCHARGED104 across "Concentration" pronoun
NY Times, Wed, Jun 14, 200651 across Flock member
KEEPING COMPANY31 across Flock member
TRIPLE PLAY94 downMilk source
NY Times, Tue, Sep 19, 200645 downFarm female
NY Times, Thu, May 31, 200720 across Milk source
NY Times, Tue, Jun 19, 200711 across Merino mother
PUTTING ON SOME WEIGHT9 downMeadow mother
BABY TALK62 downMilk source
NY Times, Thu, Jan 24, 200824 across Dolly, for one
NY Times, Sat, Feb 16, 200831 across One protected by a collie
NY Times, Tue, Apr 08, 200844 downStand-in for "you" in "Concentration"
NY Times, Wed, Jun 04, 200850 across Meadow mother
"HEY!"119 across Merino mother
NY Times, Tue, Mar 17, 200961 downOne catching a ram's eye
NY Times, Thu, Mar 19, 200927 down___-necked
ODD ONE OUT117 downShe can be polled
NY Times, Wed, Sep 09, 200953 down12-Down producer
NY Times, Mon, Oct 12, 200914 across Ram's mate
NY Times, Thu, Dec 10, 200922 across Baa-aad mother?
NY Times, Thu, Dec 24, 200940 across Suffolk female
THE FOOTBALL FAN104 downShe that is shorn
FULL CIRCLE14 downWoolly one
NY Times, Tue, Jul 06, 201031 across Female flock member
NY Times, Thu, Jul 29, 201015 across Milk source
NY Times, Wed, Aug 11, 201070 across 59-Across grazer
TURNING BACK125 downShorn female
NY Times, Mon, Nov 08, 201010 downMother in a flock
NY Times, Thu, Nov 11, 201063 downAnimal often seen with a bell around its neck
NY Times, Tue, Jan 18, 201139 across One protected by a collie, maybe
NY Times, Thu, Mar 17, 201143 downDolly, e.g.
CHICK LIT77 across Fold member
NY Times, Tue, Apr 26, 201151 across ___ lamb
NY Times, Mon, May 23, 201134 downRam's mate
NY Times, Thu, Jun 09, 20117 downDolly, for one
NY Times, Tue, Jul 05, 201142 across She-sheep
NY Times, Thu, Aug 04, 201165 across Lamb's kin

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