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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is mas. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, June 21, 199432 across Family V.I.P.'s
Sign Substitution72 across Barker and Kettle
NY Times, Thu, Jun 29, 199534 downParents
Wisecracks8 down"No _____!" (Spanish boxer's cry)
Candyland (Nov 19, 1995)31 across Barker and Bell
GOING ABROAD FOR A SPELL59 across Family V.I.P.'s
NY Times, Thu, Apr 11, 199625 across Rustic parents
NY Times, Mon, Jul 15, 199668 across Bell and Kettle, e.g.
NY Times, Fri, Nov 08, 199638 across Ladies of the house
NY Times, Sat, Feb 22, 199751 across Barker and others
NY Times, Fri, Mar 07, 199734 downAttachment to Christ?
NY Times, Mon, May 12, 199755 downMothers
NY Times, Tue, Jul 29, 199724 across Barker and Kettle, e.g.
"The Morning After"54 downMore, in Monterrey
NY Times, Thu, Apr 02, 199821 downBell and Barker
"Follow Directions Carefully"91 across More, in Madrid
NY Times, Sat, Dec 12, 199840 across Humanities degs.
NY Times, Thu, Dec 31, 19981 downWomen with shavers
"Cross Word Puzzle"74 across Family members
NY Times, Wed, Mar 31, 199923 across Bell and Barker
NY Times, Tue, Jun 08, 199946 across Family heads
NY Times, Sat, Oct 23, 199959 downMore, in México
MALE BONDING33 downNanas' daughters
NY Times, Thu, Jan 27, 200048 down"No ___!" (Spanish cry)
NY Times, Wed, Dec 27, 200023 across Bell and Barker
NY Times, Mon, May 07, 200133 downPas' mates
CABINETWORK61 downMore, in Mérida
NY Times, Wed, Jul 04, 200124 across More, in Managua
NY Times, Fri, Jul 20, 200160 downHousehold heads
NY Times, Thu, Nov 15, 20018 downCertain kin
NY Times, Mon, Jul 22, 200224 across Some household heads
NY Times, Sat, Oct 05, 200238 across More, in Málaga
NY Times, Mon, Nov 18, 200267 across Some advanced degs.
NY Times, Mon, Dec 09, 200221 across Pas' mates
NY Times, Tue, Jan 07, 200334 downMore, in Madrid
NY Times, Thu, Aug 28, 20036 downBell and others
NY Times, Sat, Sep 20, 200326 across Some advanced degs.
NY Times, Tue, Nov 18, 20031 downPas' partners
NY Times, Wed, Dec 03, 200325 across Family V.I.P.'s
RIDDLE-DEE-DEE49 across Many members of 47-Across
NY Times, Fri, Mar 12, 200425 downSome family heads
SELF-DEFINING24 downSome apron wearers
NY Times, Sat, Jun 19, 200423 across Humanities degs.
NY Times, Tue, Nov 16, 200421 across Some parents
NY Times, Fri, Mar 04, 200522 downSome degs.
YOU'VE GOT MAIL127 downSome household heads
NY Times, Mon, Jul 04, 200531 downApron wearers, traditionally
NY Times, Fri, Jul 15, 20059 downHumanities degs.
YOU ARE HERE113 downMore, in Mexico
NY Times, Sat, Oct 01, 20055 downHumanities degs.
NY Times, Fri, Feb 17, 200649 downSome Eng. majors get them
NY Times, Fri, Mar 10, 200633 downThey're often asked to look
NY Times, Sat, Apr 22, 200618 across Family V.I.P.'s
NY Times, Tue, Aug 22, 200658 downPas' mates
NY Times, Thu, Oct 05, 200648 downWomen with young 'uns
MISSING LINKS56 across Postgrad degs.
NY Times, Sat, Jul 14, 200759 downFamily V.I.P.'s
NY Times, Thu, Sep 20, 200739 across "No ___!"
FIVE-STRING63 across Family V.I.P.'s
NY Times, Fri, Oct 05, 200745 across Univ. offerings
NY Times, Mon, Jul 21, 200856 down"No ___!" ("Stop!," in Spanish)
NY Times, Mon, Aug 18, 200869 across Moms
NY Times, Mon, Jan 12, 200952 across Some degs. after bachelor's
NY Times, Wed, Apr 08, 200941 downMore, on Mallorca
NY Times, Mon, Jul 13, 200962 across Moms
NY Times, Mon, Jul 26, 201038 across "No ___!" ("Uncle!," in Spanish)
NY Times, Mon, Aug 30, 201010 downSome grad school degrees
NY Times, Wed, Dec 01, 201029 down"Keep them coming, Juan!"
NY Times, Mon, Mar 07, 20111 downPostgrad degs.

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