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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is met. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Monday, Nov 22, 199350 downStrawberry, once
NY Times, Thursday, December 09, 199365 downRan into
NY Times, Saturday, February 12, 199456 downRendezvoused
NY Times, Saturday, March 26, 199412 downNew York landmark, with "the"
NY Times, Thursday, June 23, 199441 across N.Y.C. cultural site
NY Times, Friday, July 15, 199420 across Got together
NY Times, Monday, October 17, 199433 downHappened upon
NY Times, Saturday, November 5, 199423 downIntersected
NY Times, Fri, Mar 24, 199567 across Ran into
Scientific Nomenclature93 across Stop on some art tours, with "the"
NY Times, Wed, May 29, 199644 downRan into
NY Times, Tue, Dec 31, 19965 downEncountered
NY Times, Mon, Feb 24, 199740 across Happened upon
"Infested!"116 downCrossed
"It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"68 downNew York ___
"Point Blanks"50 across Tackled
"World Capitalism"48 across Bumped into
NY Times, Tue, May 05, 199812 downN.Y.C. opera house, with "the"
NY Times, Tue, Jun 02, 199819 across Rendezvoused
NY Times, Mon, Jun 08, 199813 downBumped into
NY Times, Tue, Jun 09, 199844 across Encountered
"You Chauvinist Pig!"77 across Fulfilled
NY Times, Wed, Mar 17, 19998 downCaught up with
NY Times, Wed, May 12, 199966 across Shea player
NY Times, Tue, Aug 10, 199920 across Fulfilled
NY Times, Mon, Oct 25, 199962 across Came across
NY Times, Sat, Jan 08, 200062 downSatisfied
NY Times, Tue, Mar 07, 200020 across Ran into
NY Times, Fri, Mar 10, 200030 across Intersected
NY Times, Wed, May 24, 200037 downGathered
G MOVIES92 across Got together
NY Times, Thu, Nov 23, 200018 across Reached
NY Times, Mon, Dec 03, 200123 downHe earns his pay at Shea
NY Times, Thu, Dec 27, 200120 across Collected
NY Times, Wed, Feb 20, 200227 downBumped into
NY Times, Fri, Jul 26, 200226 across Came across
NY Times, Thu, Aug 22, 200267 across Satisfied
NY Times, Mon, Nov 11, 200223 across Mr. ___ (Shea mascot)
NY Times, Fri, Feb 14, 200333 across Ran into
NY Times, Thu, May 29, 20037 downSatisfied, in a way
NY Times, Thu, Jun 05, 200363 downPiazza, for one
NY Times, Sat, Jun 21, 200357 downHuddled
NY Times, Sat, Jun 28, 200343 across Satisfied
NY Times, Mon, Aug 04, 200349 across Got together
BOOKS ON TAPE1 downSatisfied
NY Times, Fri, Sep 26, 200355 across Came across
AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE36 across Big Apple attraction, with "the"
NY Times, Thu, Nov 06, 200329 across Joined
NY Times, Mon, Nov 24, 200325 across Ran into
BRANCHING OUT109 across Satisfied
NY Times, Sat, Feb 21, 200447 downSatisfied
NY Times, Tue, Apr 06, 200462 across Place to hear a 13-Across, with "the"
NY Times, Mon, Jun 14, 200428 across New York ballplayer
NY Times, Thu, Sep 16, 200440 across Confronted
NY Times, Sat, Oct 30, 200443 downBrave opponent
SMOOTH MOVE25 across Shook hands, say
NY Times, Tue, Feb 15, 200550 downEncountered
NY Times, Thu, May 26, 200564 downNolan Ryan, e.g., when he started in the Major Leagues
KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN'?104 across Site for 125-Across, with "the"
NY Times, Mon, May 08, 200651 across Bumped into
TRAVELING IN CIRCLES28 downIntersected
NY Times, Tue, Jul 18, 200637 downBig Apple attraction, with "the"
NY Times, Thu, Nov 16, 20061 across Collided, say
NY Times, Sat, Jun 16, 200742 across Satisfied
NY Times, Thu, Jul 05, 200722 downBumped into
NY Times, Mon, Nov 12, 200721 across Ran into
NY Times, Mon, Feb 11, 200834 downEncountered
NY Times, Wed, Mar 12, 20087 downColoratura's home, with "the"
COMMON INTERESTS57 across Greeted
NY Times, Fri, Apr 04, 20084 downHuddled (with)
WHAT THE H?96 across National League East player
NY Times, Thu, Jul 10, 200834 downBig Apple cultural attraction, with "the"
NY Times, Sat, Aug 23, 200858 downSat
WEB MASTER116 downIntersected
NY Times, Tue, Nov 18, 200826 across Powwowed (with)
NY Times, Mon, Jan 05, 200933 downBig Apple museum, with "the"
NY Times, Mon, Apr 13, 200922 downEncountered
NY Times, Thu, Aug 27, 200947 downIntersected
NY Times, Sat, May 22, 201030 across Mr. ___ (baseball mascot)
NY Times, Mon, Feb 28, 201140 across Citi Field player
NY Times, Sat, Apr 02, 201110 downSat
NY Times, Wed, Apr 06, 201114 downShook hands, say
NY Times, Tue, May 03, 201128 downIntersected

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