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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is nba. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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About Miss Daw31 across Hoop group, for short
NY Times, Friday, June 17, 199452 across Hoop grp.
NY Times, Thursday, November 17, 199455 across Jazz org.
NY Times, Fri, Nov 25, 199457 downWhere Shaw attacks: Abbr.
NY Times, Fri, Jan 20, 199545 across Jazz grp.
NY Times, Thu, Jan 26, 199537 downScottie Pippen's org.
NY Times, Fri, Feb 17, 199553 across Magic org.
New York Times Sat, June 3, 199551 across Jazz grp.
New York Times Sat, Sep 30, 199529 across It has Bulls but no Bears
NY Times, Fri, Mar 22, 199628 across Org. in which Jordan is a member
Nothing Gained71 across Jazz grp.
The Critics Agree108 downDraft org.
NY Times, Tue, May 06, 199722 downOrg. for Bulls and Bullets
NY Times, Sat, Jun 28, 199729 downWarriors' grp.
NY Times, Thu, Jul 03, 199724 downSpring playoffs org.
NY Times, Wed, Aug 27, 199754 across Warriors' org.
"X Marks the Spot"79 downSome TNT sports coverage
NY Times, Mon, Nov 24, 199755 downHawks' and Bucks' org.
"Drop It!"12 downTV's "The ___ Today"
NY Times, Wed, Nov 04, 199864 across Jordan has a part in it: Abbr.
"On Your Mark"105 downMagic org.
NY Times, Fri, Mar 12, 199954 across Bird grp.
NY Times, Sat, Jun 19, 199958 downThe Phila. Warriors were its first champs
JUST FOR OPENERS123 across Draft org.?
AWAY WITH WORDS113 downJazz grp.
NY Times, Fri, Sep 17, 199945 downRockets grp.
NY Times, Fri, Sep 24, 199938 downCourt grp.
NY Times, Thu, Oct 14, 199939 across Kings' org.
NY Times, Mon, Mar 27, 200058 across Wizards and Magic org.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 05, 200040 across Lakers' org.
NY Times, Thu, Nov 16, 200028 across L.A. Clippers are in it
AT PRESENT62 across Garden grp., perhaps
WOMEN OF THE EAR103 downWarriors' grp.
NY Times, Thu, Jan 10, 200224 across Warriors' grp.
NY Times, Mon, Feb 11, 200231 across 76ers' org.
NY Times, Wed, May 22, 200253 across Hoop grp.
NY Times, Mon, Dec 30, 200262 downOrg. for the Nets and Nuggets
NY Times, Wed, Jan 15, 200367 across Subj. of this puzzle's theme
INDIVISIBLE126 downMagic grp.
NY Times, Mon, Oct 27, 200360 downWizards' and Warriors' org.
NY Times, Thu, Nov 20, 200358 downCourt letters?
NY Times, Sat, Dec 06, 20039 downGrp. concerned with traveling
NY Times, Wed, Jan 21, 200452 across Jazz grp.
MOONLIGHTING65 across All-___ Team
NY Times, Tue, Apr 27, 200461 downMagic and Wizards org.
NY Times, Thu, Jul 22, 200447 across ___ draft
NY Times, Thu, Aug 05, 200463 downOrg. whose members use the press?
NY Times, Mon, Sep 27, 200435 downHoops grp.
NY Times, Tue, Nov 23, 200411 downHoops grp.
NY Times, Fri, Jan 07, 200551 downWarriors' grp.
NY Times, Thu, Feb 03, 200560 downWarriors' grp.
NY Times, Tue, Aug 23, 200534 across Magic org.
NY Times, Tue, Aug 30, 200552 across Timberwolves' org.
NY Times, Thu, Jan 19, 200657 downOrg. with a Sixth Man Award
NY Times, Tue, Mar 07, 200649 across All-Star game org.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 05, 200640 across Org. with June finals
NY Times, Tue, Apr 25, 200660 across Jordan was once part of it: Abbr.
DEAR OLD DAD81 across The Maurice Podoloff Trophy is awarded to its M.V.P.
NY Times, Thu, Jul 06, 200639 downRockets can be found in this: Abbr.
NY Times, Fri, Oct 27, 200644 downIts members may be seen traveling: Abbr.
PREFIX REMIX91 across Draft org.
NY Times, Wed, Dec 20, 200657 downEddie Gottlieb Trophy org.
NY Times, Mon, Jan 08, 200748 across Hoopsters' org.
NY Times, Tue, Jan 23, 200719 across Org. for Bulls and Bucks
COMIC RELIEF101 across Court grp.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 25, 200740 downCagers' grp.
NY Times, Mon, May 14, 200726 downOrg. with a 24-second shot clock
NY Times, Tue, Jul 24, 200757 downHoops org.
NY Times, Thu, Aug 09, 20078 downRockets' and Suns' org.
NY Times, Tue, Feb 12, 200864 downHome for Bulls, but not Bears: Abbr.
POLITICAL LEADERS77 across Hoop grp.
NY Times, Wed, Feb 20, 200853 across Court org.
NY Times, Wed, Mar 05, 200849 across Hoops org.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 23, 200843 across Hawks' and Raptors' grp.
NY Times, Fri, Sep 19, 200851 downOrg. with the annual Eddie Gottlieb Trophy
IT'S A MYSTERY90 downLarry O'Brien Championship Trophy org.
NY Times, Tue, Nov 11, 200864 downOrg. for Raptors and Hawks
NY Times, Sat, Feb 07, 200951 downOrg. with guards
THE CRUCIVERBALIST43 across Org. with the Red Auerbach Trophy
NY Times, Wed, Jul 29, 200941 across Grizzlies' org.
NY Times, Sat, Sep 12, 200941 across Org. with many centers
NY Times, Sat, Feb 13, 201019 downDraft org.
MS. CONCEPTIONS62 downCourt grp.
NY Times, Tue, Jul 20, 201019 across Hoops org.
NY Times, Thu, Sep 30, 201059 downJazz group, for short
NY Times, Tue, Oct 26, 201033 across Wizards' and Celtics' org.
NY Times, Mon, Dec 13, 201018 across Hornets' and Nuggets' org.
NY Times, Sat, Feb 19, 20115 downDrafting org.
NY Times, Mon, May 30, 201123 across Hoops grp.
NY Times, Mon, Jun 13, 201141 across Org. with the Wizards and Warriors

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