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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is sofa. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Monday, November 29, 19931 downDivan
NY Times, Monday, December 20, 199337 downDivan
NY Times, Tuesday, April 12, 199442 across Seat for two or more
NY Times, Wednesday, August 31, 199451 downIt can hide a bed
NY Times, Friday, November 11, 199455 downParlor piece
NY Times, Mon, Apr 3, 199554 across It might be a convertible
New York Times Sat, Dec 2, 199550 across Parlor piece
NY Times, Sat, Feb 03, 199639 across Lounger's perch
NY Times, Tue, May 07, 199655 across Couch potato's place
NY Times, Mon, Sept 09, 199627 downDivan
I Wanted To Be a...87 downFrancois Boucher's "Nude Lying on a ___"
"Mixed Greens"59 downLounge
"Dispossessed"103 downRemote location
NY Times, Thu, Apr 09, 19985 across Coin collector?
NY Times, Thu, Aug 13, 19984 across Convertible, for one
NY Times, Thu, Sep 03, 19989 downCoin-losing site
"Getting A-Long"6 downRemote post?
NY Times, Mon, Oct 26, 19986 downParlor seat
NY Times, Mon, Nov 09, 199810 across Place to plop down
NY Times, Fri, Nov 13, 199822 across Sectional, e.g.
NY Times, Thu, Nov 26, 19989 downChesterfield, for one
"Sounds of the Past"92 across Sectional
"Following Orders"62 across Dozer's spot
NY Times, Mon, Mar 08, 19996 downDavenport
"It's Got Sizzle!"1 downReading place
NY Times, Wed, Jun 09, 199913 downParlor piece
NY Times, Mon, Sep 27, 199950 downDivan
NO HOLDS BARD9 downConvertible, perhaps
NY Times, Sat, Nov 20, 19991 downSitter's choice
NY Times, Wed, Dec 20, 20007 downComfy spot
NY Times, Sat, Apr 14, 200154 downSoft spot
NY Times, Mon, Jul 23, 200123 across Davenport
NY Times, Mon, Nov 19, 200141 downDivan
NY Times, Tue, Jul 23, 20021 across Couch
EUROPEAN JOURNAL76 downRec room staple
NY Times, Fri, Mar 21, 200334 across Sectional, say
NY Times, Wed, Jul 30, 200310 across Guest bed, maybe
SELF-DEFINING66 downResting place
NY Times, Mon, Jun 21, 200432 across Davenport
TAP, TAP, TAP35 downCushion site
NY Times, Wed, Sep 08, 200434 downCrash site?
NY Times, Mon, Jan 24, 200535 downDavenport
NY Times, Mon, Apr 25, 200530 downUpholstered piece
NY Times, Mon, Jul 04, 20056 across Couch
CRY ME A RIVER46 across One might be a pull-out
NY Times, Wed, Oct 26, 20057 downSoft seat
NY Times, Tue, Feb 21, 200647 across Couch
NY Times, Sat, May 06, 200638 downRemote hiding place?
NY Times, Tue, Jun 13, 200633 across TV watcher's vantage point
NY Times, Tue, Nov 21, 20066 across TV watcher's seat
NY Times, Thu, Nov 23, 20061 across Company seat?
NY Times, Wed, Dec 13, 200652 across Spot for a nap
NY Times, Thu, Jan 11, 200749 downChesterfield, e.g.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 11, 200757 across Soft seat
NY Times, Mon, Jun 18, 200735 across Couch
NY Times, Wed, Oct 03, 20071 downIt has arms, legs and a back
NY Times, Tue, Dec 25, 200770 across Sectional, e.g.
NY Times, Mon, May 12, 200865 across Seat for two or more
NY Times, Wed, Aug 06, 200856 across TV viewer's vantage point
NY Times, Tue, Oct 14, 200835 downCouch
NY Times, Tue, Jan 20, 200934 across Crash site?
NY Times, Wed, Feb 11, 200957 downSoft seat
FAMOUS LAST WORDS43 across Cushion site
NY Times, Mon, Aug 31, 20091 downCouch
NY Times, Thu, Oct 29, 200921 downCoin "swallower"
NY Times, Fri, Jan 22, 201031 downCommon crash site?
BOOK BINDING98 across Convertible, maybe
NY Times, Tue, Aug 17, 20107 downCushioned seat
NY Times, Mon, Jun 06, 201154 downDivan
NY Times, Tue, Jul 05, 20111 downCouch
NY Times, Thu, Aug 04, 20113 down___ bed

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