Crosswords containing the Clue Hit the road

If you're trying to solve a crossword puzzle with the clue Hit the road, then the answer might be listed below. This free list of crossword answers for crossword clues is to help you get an edge over your competition.

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Here's the list of crosswords using the clue Hit the road somewhere in the puzzle:

NY Times, Fri, Oct 10, 199721 across Hit the roadLEFT
NY Times, Wed, Mar 25, 199820 downHit the roadTOUR
TURIN THE COUNTRY105 across Hit the roadBEATIT
NY Times, Wed, May 16, 200132 across Hit the roadWENT
NY Times, Tue, Jan 21, 20034 downHit the roadLEFT
NY Times, Wed, Jan 29, 200349 downHit the roadLEFT
BOOKS ON TAPE6 downHit the roadTOUR
NY Times, Thu, Nov 18, 200426 downHit the roadLEAVE
NY Times, Thu, Dec 16, 200451 downHit the roadWENT
NY Times, Thu, Nov 01, 200712 downHit the roadWENT

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